We provide a virtual learning concept combining interactive 360˚ virtual training environments with traditional e-learning. Our product can interface with common Learning Management Systems, or can be used stand-alone.

Proven & Praised Concept

Training for aviation, maritime, oil & gas or just as promotional material – our concept has been praised by several airlines and has been nominated for e-learning awards and gained attention at international training conferences worldwide.

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Lifelike & Safe Training Environment

Our ability to simulate realistic scenarios and environments engage and stimulate learners and provides an opportunity to safely interact and practice skills in your specific environment without any prior knowledge.

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SCORM Compliant & Editable Content

Our software is SCORM compliant and can interface with common Learning Management Systems. With our e360 EDITOR you can also manage and update the course content of your virtual learning environment in-house.

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Looking for a one-trick pony? Look elsewhere

Not only do we provide high resolution virtual learning solutions with or without LMS integration, but we also provide media production capabilities. For the two case studies above Virtual eTraining was responsible for all software development, content management, image and video production and LMS integration.

We are personal, innovative and we do things differently

We want to offer the most innovative, cost-effective and life-like training concept on the market. Our concept has been developed entirely from the ground up by our own developers which means we can tailor every production to your needs and your specific environment.


The editing interface connected to the 360 degree aircraft environment is simple and user friendly. We can add images in this environment, together with tests and other updates, which saves us both both costs and time. Everyone with basic knowledge in how to use a PC/tablets can use this product without bigger difficulties.

Siri Merethe Roman Aronsen, Senior Ground Instructor, Training Departement Norwegian Air Shuttle, www.Norwegian.com

Technical training for aircraft maintenance and other safety-critical industries is rapidly moving into more flexible, on-line spaces, which are far more engaging for younger people coming into the workforce.  The market is becoming huge for interesting interactivity in this training.

Denis Manson, SenseAbility Studios

“We are very impressed with the high level of quality of the 360 photographic work as well as the ease of use of the application. Adding this product to our courseware provides a sense of realism that can virtually replace the need of going out to the aircraft. Both our classroom presentations and well as on line courseware are enhanced by this product.”

Jim Carins, Pelesys


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