e360 TOUR

e360 TOUR is a product without examination functionality or Learning Management System (LMS) integration and is particularly suitable for familiarization purposes, e.g. with a specific environment or equipment. The e360 TOUR can be used to replace costly site visits or as part of classroom training and can be either a standalone product or integrated with existing e-learning solutions.

Tailored user design & branding
Full 360 degree navigable environment
Compatible with tablets and smart phones
Navigation Bar / Overview Map
Interactive multimedia hotspots with stills, instructional videos and texts
Examinaton functionality OPTIONAL
LMS integration OPTIONAL


e360 COURSE has the same functionality as the e360 TOUR product with the addition of an examination functionality and feedback to a Learning Management System (LMS). e360 COURSE “speaks” SCORM, the industry standard for e-learning interoperability, and can interface with any LMS.

Tailored user design & branding
Full 360 degree navigable environment
Compatible with tablets and smart phones
Navigation Bar / Overview Map
Interactive multimedia hotspots with stills, instructional videos and texts
Create & play scenarios
Live Animations
Quiz bank functionality
Examinaton functionality
LMS integration


The e360 EDITOR gives you great flexibility and lets you manage course content of the virtual world in-house. Change texts, videos or audio via a simple interface and keep your course content up to date. e360 EDITOR interfaces with both e360 TOUR & e360 COURSE.

All plans include

Professional on-site photography

On-site photography is done by our professional photographers with experience from 100+ projects.

Content Integration

We manage the upload of content for you and make sure it looks the way you want it to.

System Intergration

Our developers ensure everything works on your hardware and with your software.


Why Virtual eTraining?

A Better Training Experience
When we developed our concept we wanted to offer affordable virtual reality training with a user experience as close to reality as possible. The result was Virtual eTraining based on interactive 360° environments. Our virtual training concept is flexible and saves both time and money as you will be less dependent on limited resources and equipment that may be difficult to access or are at a remote location (e.g. an aircraft, oil rig etc.). It is also ideal in cases where you need to familiarize with an environment but the students are not available at specific times to perform training or are spread out geographically. The navigable and interactive 360° environment also makes the training more interesting and attractive, motivates users and gives better training results.

Tailored and Affordable
Virtual eTraining also address the issue with off-the-shelf e-learning products not being customer specific enough and the high cost for making customized and professional e-learning. Virtual eTraining is a very powerful and cost effective way to create e-learning tailored to your specific preferences and needs. We are experts of 360° technology and provide a solution for training in virtual environments. You are the expert of your training needs and can provide your specific content. Together we can create a unique, interactive and immersive virtual reality training at a fraction of the cost compared to 3D modelling.

Recycle Documentation
Businesses with operational activity usually have a lot of documentation e.g. manuals, check-lists, etc. Virtual eTraining works on the principle that existing content are recycled which saves you a lot of money.

Can we reuse our old training material?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, the more we can reuse the better. But if you need we can help you with media production and provide professional photography and film.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, our solutions work on both Android and iOS tablets and smart phones.

Can we edit and manage course content in-house?

Yes you can! Upload content to your new course or update old ones with new texts, pictures or video. Via the e360 EDITOR you can now manage content of your courses in-house, at your own pace, at any time.

Click here to view video demo of the e360 EDITOR.

Who manages the implemenation process?

We do and we will guide you through all the steps to a successful implementation. To ensure we don’t miss anything we have put together a process that works for most customers:

  • Initial workshop and requirement specification
  • 360° on site photography and image production
  • Configuration of hot spots, user design and branding
  • Integration of training content from customer incl. question bank etc.
  • Integration with customer choice of LMS (Scorm)
  • Test group set up and evaluation
  • Period of final adjustments
  • Release to customer

How long will it take to implement?

Average implementation ca 3-6 weeks (depending on project scope).

Average implementation ca 4-8 weeks (depending on project scope).

Are you content matter experts too?

We are mainly a software provider and not content matter experts. We think you know your users and what they need to train better than we do. However, we have partnered Xtractor who have managed more than 900 e-learning projects and are experts in training need analysis and instructional design.

We also have media production capabilities and can assist with professional photography and video production.

Will it work with any LMS?

Yes, but there are hundreds of different Learning Management Systems out there and they all work differently. Our product “speaks” SCORM, the industry standard for e-learning interoperability but there is always an element of tailoring needed to ensure that the integration works. If you buy the e360 COURSE product LMS integration is included in the price.

Where is the content hosted?

It depends on your needs and your LMS. Some LMS’s cannot handle the amount of data needed so it may need to be stored on a separate server – yours or ours (at an extra cost). We always try and tailor the solution around your LMS and specific needs.

Does it work with other e-learning software?

Yes, our virtual world can be embedded in with other e-learning production software such as Articulate Storyline and we have worked with other training solution providers to create traditional e-learning with elements of virtual reality.

View example here

So, how much does it cost?

It depends on the extent of the virtual world you want to create, the number of interaction points and the amount of content you want to integrate. However, we dare to say that the Virtual eTraining concept is one of the most affordable virtual reality concepts on the market.

If you need more detailed information please use the contact form under the About & Contact menu at the top.

The Virtual World

First we create an exact navigable replica of your world using our unique 360 technology. We brand it and tailor it to look the way you want it to.

Content Integration

The virtual world is now populated with learning points or ‘hotspots’ with whatever content you like – texts, stills, videos or quiz banks. We can also add animated scenarios or incidents.

Assessment Functionality

Finally we add examination and reporting functionality and integrate it with your LMS.

The Result

An interactive and virtual world customized to your needs and a safe environment to practise scenarios or incidents.

See example here