Swace Digital aquires shares in Virtual eTraining

6 February 2017
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Swace Digital AB provides consulting services and system solutions for web and mobile, systems development and digital marketing. Strengths include concept development, strategy, project management, design, UX, programming and testing. The company has delivered the technical solution to Virtual eTraining’s concepts and has experience from crowdfunding and product launch of the app Plick. Swace currently employs 16 developers.

Together with Virtual eTraining, Swace Digital has developed a unique platform based on interactive 360-images that is used today by several of the world’s largest airlines. Our track record in developing scalable digital solutions in combination with Virtual eTraining’s know-how and sales channels within the aviation industry will enable us to bring our offer to the market in a lean and efficient way. We also see a great potential in bringing the platform to other niche markets.

Stockholm 2017-02-02

Jimmy Heibert
Swace Digital


Tomas and Axel, co-owners at Swace Digital AB