Upload Visual Media

Using Taggis is easy! In order to create a course module, do as follow;

  1. Choose the image environment you want to describe. This could for instance be a hotel lobby, an aircraft or a mine.
  2. Upload images illustrating the chosen environment. Here, you can either upload your own 360 images, or choose from pre-made material on the platform (aircraft models). This could for instance be front part of the plane
  3. The next thing to do is uploading a map, to which you add the images you just uploaded. In the previous example, this would be a map of a plane. In this step, you can upload own 360 panorama pictures so that your customer can see a full round display of your environment. By doing this, the customer will be able to see all parts of your environment.
  4. Need to do changes or update the material? No problem. You can alter the environment and the map at any time.

Add Interactive Content

To create the best learning experience, you now have the possibility to make your environment interactive. You do this by adding informative hotspots where ever needed.

  1. Choose a point in your environment that you want to explain more in detail. For example, you might want to explain a specific switch in the cockpit.
  2. By double-clicking on the chosen point in the image, you can add text and pictures as well as record and add voice overs to further explain your environment.
  3. Here you can also enhance the user experience via gamification, by creating procedures and mission functionality within your environment.

The hotspot-editor contains a variety of useful tools;

Image slideshows

Share, Sell & Distribute

You have successfully finished your course module and now you want to export it. All course modules can be exported to, amongst others; external websites and emails as well as be integrated into LMS systems. On top of this, the material can be used and experienced with VR goggles.

It is easy to export your course modules and you don’t need any previous programming skills.  

  1. Create a unique URL link in seconds
  2. Export your course module via a SCORM packaging, that later can be used in the LMS system of your choice


Why Virtual eTraining?

A Better Training Experience
When we developed our concept we wanted to offer affordable virtual reality training with a user experience as close to reality as possible. The result was Virtual eTraining based on interactive 360° environments. Our virtual training concept is flexible and saves both time and money as you will be less dependent on limited resources and equipment that may be difficult to access or are at a remote location (e.g. an aircraft, oil rig etc.). It is also ideal in cases where you need to familiarize with an environment but the students are not available at specific times to perform training or are spread out geographically. The navigable and interactive 360° environment also makes the training more interesting and attractive, motivates users and gives better training results.

Can we reuse our old training material?

Yes, absolutely, but if you need we can help you with media production and provide professional photography and film.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, our solutions work on both Android and iOS tablets and smart phones.

Can we edit and manage course content in-house?

Yes you can! Upload content to your new course or update old ones with, hotpsots, new texts, pictures or video. Via the platform you can manage content of your courses in-house, at your own pace, at any time.

Are you content matter experts too?

We are mainly a software provider and not content matter experts. We think you know your users and what they need to train better than we do. However, we have partnered Xtractor who have managed more than 900 e-learning projects and are experts in training need analysis and instructional design.

We also have media production capabilities and can assist with professional photography and video production.

Will it work with any LMS?

Yes, but there are hundreds of different Learning Management Systems out there and they all work differently. Our product “speaks” SCORM, the industry standard for e-learning interoperability.

Does it work with other e-learning software?

Yes, our virtual world can be embedded in with other e-learning production software such as Articulate Storyline and we have worked with other training solution providers to create traditional e-learning with elements of virtual reality.